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Reverse Osmosis

Hydrolink Technologies Limited offer a range of cost effective Reverse Osmosis antiscalants, scale inhibitors, antifoulants, Anti-oxidants, RO membrane cleaners and biocides.

With effective pre-treatment, maintenance and appropriate RO rochemicals, membranes can give several years of useful life before they need to be replaced. However, if any of these essential elements fail rapid fouling can result and early membrane replacement may be required, often at massive cost.

To help you keep your RO plant running efficiently we offer a range of reverse osmosis membrane anti- oxidants, antifoulants and antiscalant chemicals to slow the process of fouling, degradation and special membrane cleaners and biocides to restore performance when needed.

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Scale is caused in RO membranes because the level of hardness salts in the water becomes increasingly concentrated as it passes through the reverse osmosis unit. Scaling invariably forms at the back-end of the system first since that is where the reject water is at its most concentrated. In smaller units scale formation can be prevented by base exchange softening the make-up water but for larger systems that is prohibitively expensive. Acid dosing can be successfully used but that introduces hazardous chemicals and may require very large volumes of acid. To overcome these problems we offer a range of easy to handle, cost effective RO scale inhibitors and Reverse Osmosis antiscalants which increase the solubility of the hardness salts so they remain in solution rather than forming scale on the membrane.

Hydro 2020 is one of our remarkably cost effective RO antiscalant and Reverse Osmosis scale inhibitor which will inhibit a wide range of foulants including: calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, strontium sulphate, calcium fluoride, silica and iron.

Hydro shield 30  is a polymeric RO scale inhibitor Reverse Osmosis antiscalant which is used where both calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate scale is a problem.


Regular chemical cleaning of RO membranes will ensure that they continue to perform and extend their useful life. The key thing with cleaning is to do it before the situation gets too bad because if you leave it too long the membrane may become irretrievably fouled. Cleaning should be undertaken whenever the normalised permeate flux reduces by 10 – 15% or, either the normalised differential pressure or permeate conductivity increase by 10-15%. In many instances it is best to adopt a programme of regular preventive cleaning.

Depending on the characteristics of the water supply membrane fouling may be inorganic, organic, colloidal or microbiological in nature and often a combination. Each type of fouling requires a different cleaning strategy.

Hydro RO-Clean 2001 is an alkaline reverse osmosis membrane cleaner for removing fouling caused by organic, biological and colloidal foulants from RO and UF membranes.

Hydro RO-Clean 2002 is a mildly-acidic RO membrane cleaner for removing fouling caused by iron salts, oxides and hydroxides. It can also be used to remove light calcium carbonate scaling.

Hydro ISO 68 is a broad spectrum RO biocide based on Isothiozolone. It is particularly rapid in its action and can be used as a preservative both off-line and on-line to remove and prevent microbial fouling.


Hydro 2040 is a high strength bi-sulphite solution for removing chlorine from the make-up upstream of a reverse osmosis or UF system to prevent chlorine attack of the membrane.

Hydro floc D – 200 Coagulants and flocculants are matched to the raw water characteristics to aid solids separation and filtration in order to reduce the SDI and minimise the risk of fouling.