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Package Sewage Treatment Plants

In collaboration  with Sintex ,aqua Nishihara  Corporation ,Japan, we install, service and maintain Sintex  package sewage Treatment plants for domestic and commercial facilities.


Operations Principle of Sintex PSTP

  1. Anaerobic Digestion – First stage transforms in fluent solids to settled solids while allowing scum to float.The settled sludge is stabilized by anaerobic digestion.
  2. Aerobic Zone  – Second stage is aerobic zone with plastic media inside the tank which increases surface area and retain micro-organism long enough to digest the organic waste.Air is provided through blowers and more contacting time with the slime on the plastic media ,occurred ,more efficient the digestion process would be.
  3. Final Sedimentation Zone – Final stage involves the sedimentation where organic wastes are settled in the sedimentation zone. The settled waste in the bottom of the tank is pumped back to increase the efficiency of the system.


Salient Features of Sintex PSTP System

  1. Capacity is from 10KLD TO 150 KLD for commercial system
  2. The system can be installed in series or parallel as per the availability of land
  3. Sludge Removal once in 24 months compared to the conventional STP in which Sludge has to be removed every 10 – 15 days.


Outstanding Features of Sintex PSTP System

Made of FRP Which has the characteristics of 100% leak proof,water tightness,light weight, corrosion resistance and high strength and tenacity.

  1. Uniformity in strength and performance
  2. Small land area required
  3. Flexibility to site conditions
  4. Aesthetic View
  5. Easy to handle & Simple ,fast to install
  6. Good temperature insulation
  7. No noise and odor nuisance
  8. Can be upgraded & relocated if required
  9. High reliable treatment efficiency
  10. Simple and low cost of operation and maintenance
  11. Reduces the amount of co2 emissions in the environment


Typical Installations for PSTP System

  • Apartments
  • Hostels
  • Learning Institutions
  • Office Building
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • National Park
  • Factory/ Workshop
  • Bus Terminals/Railway stations /Airport
  • Harbours
  • Stadium
  • Shopping Malls/Commercial Complex/ Market
  • Place of Worship
  • Industries